Hi There!  I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.  As you probably heard, snow is expected for tomorrow.  The craziness continues… now with the weather.  I just hope we don’t miss Autumn again this year.

***Friendly Reminder***

As long as the temperature remains above 20 degrees tomorrow, we will plan to go out for recess.

Please remember the fabulous-5 gear:
1. Snow pants
2. Boots
3. Coat
4. Hat
5. Mittens – WE ARE ASKING FOR WATERPROOF MITTENS THIS YEAR – no fingers or cloth mittens/gloves.  This was in our BTS packet.  The children can get them on an off and actually touch the snow without freezing their hands.  If you don’t have them for tomorrow, do not worry.  Just pick some up when you can.  Thanks for your understanding!!

If you haven’t already, please a pair of indoor shoes/slippers for your child to change into when we come inside.

Please label all gear in a tote – a reusable grocery sack is preferred.

Thanks so much!