Birthday Celebration

On the child’s birthday we have a simple ceremony. As all of the children sit in a circle the birthday child gets to walk with the globe around our sun, representing each year of his/her life! We will read the following story while the child is walking. Please fill in the blanks with information appropriate to your child. (e.g, “During the first year Jenny took her first airplane ride, took her first step, etc., and then was one.)

Be sure to let us know ahead of time which day you and your child would like to celebrate his or her birthday at school in case we have another celebration on that day. Celebrations can be at 9:00 or 10:45 on the chosen day.

What to bring: This story, a photo timeline of your child’s life (which can be made into a simple book or displayed as a poster), and a special snack to share with 30 students. WE ASK THAT YOU AVOID ANY FOODS WITH NUTS OR ICING.