….. where children learn to love learning!

Montessori at Lone Tree offers preschool education including full-day programs. Montessori preschool education includes strong math and language foundations,as well as geography and science. The Montessori philosophy inspires children to learn at their own pace. All knowledge comes through the senses, so every child needs to touch, see, hear and taste. Classroom materials are designed to help the child use these senses to learn.

Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace by working alone, watching others, or joining small group activities. Problem solving is highly stressed allowing children to solve their own problems while respecting others and finding their unique place within the group. Through this process, learning and friendships are founded.

To schedule a tour of our school or request information, please call us today at 303-799-8540 or contact us. 


Whether you are looking for preschool, day care, or child care for your child, you will find an extraordinary experience at the Montessori School at Lone Tree.

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